Thursday, May 23, 2013

EFL Class in Taichung: IWW & Labor History

Dear Fellow Worker:

I am am a unionized TESOL teacher from New York City who is retired in Taichung.

In September 2013, I am offering a class, in English, in Labor History and Solidarity called "The Bread & Roses Curriculum."

The course is 18 weeks long and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening in the Beitun District of Taichung.

I am recruitng students from your labor organization interested in labor history and improving their English skills.

The tuition is based on a sliding fee scale according to the students' income.
An out line of the course content can be viewed at the Sweatfree Communities website:
Graduates will receive a specially designed certificate and assessment stamp from The Industrial Workers of the World.
Interested students can contact me at this e-mail address in English or Chinese:
David Temple

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