Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Opinion: The Workers' Next Movement

"The war against fascist Japan was fought by both the Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang, and the Communists." This is the angle that the Chinese are posturing to the world in China Daily on the front page on National Day. It's right under an article about the memorial in Beijing for the martyrs of the revolution, but it doesn't mention that along with the Japanese, the European settlements, the United States, and the Kuomintang were also expelled from China after World War II. It's reconciliation China wishes from whatever friends it can find; their friend in Taiwan is the Kuomintang. 

Since Hollywood can pick and choose who American heroes are, why can't the Chinese government do the same thing? Since the United States government can create an image of itself to the world, why can't China? However, as any school child can tell you, 'two wrongs don't make a right.' 

Industrial Workers of the World know the truth about ruling class governments' propaganda and censorship. 

Since 1886, the American government has been at war with the American worker; we, the working people, have our own martyrs from Haymarket Square in Chicago. Seven activists were executed because of their desire to bring better working conditions and fight police brutality. 

The labor movement in the United States has been on life-support for decades. American business people sold out the American worker to international sweatshop conditions, including supporting factories in China. 

The Chinese government has helped the Chinese worker improve  their living condition despite exploitation from foreign investors. Companies are moving their factories out of China where it has become more difficult to turn a profit. 

In a complex 'chess game' to entice foreign capital and business investment in China, the income level of Chinese workers has all but equaled the level  of income of Taiwan's workers! The income level of Taiwanese workers remains stuck at the level it was sixteen years ago. 

Which government is better for workers? Neither. 

The American worker is bankrupted by American business people by franchise dimensions. The Kuomintang and Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan have taken shares of exploitation of their own workers as minimum wages stay low.

China wants the Kuomintang to lead Taiwan to unification. The DPP wants laissez-faire commitment to The United States. 

We are the Industrial Workers of the World. We recognize no borders. Workers of the world must unite to fight against the poor working conditions imposed upon us by the ruling classes of our oppressors every place we live and work. 

The so-called "Sunflower" student movement in Taiwan and "Umbrella" movement in Hong Kong are as useful to workers rights as a tail gate barbeque at a ball game. The catch-phrase of 'democracy' means nothing if a worker cannot have a safe job with a living wage. 

Start your own union, fellow workers. Quit trying to change your quality of life from the top down. The grassroots is empoverished. You cannot eat democracy. You cannot defeat state-sponsored propaganda in the media. Turn off your video games and corporate  government approved television programs. 

Get out on the picket lines and get off the streets.

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