Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Resignation from the IWW

      In the first year here in Taiwan, 2013, FW Sam, the then secretary-treasurer, sent me referrals of people who expressed interest in joining (or had already joined) the IWW in Taiwan. I went out of my way to meet all of them. They were all deadbeats. Since the current secretary-treasurer a year ago, I have received no referrals and only two communications.
 I was an active delegate; active only if someone contacted me or I got a referral. I was in ‘good standing.’ I’ve gotten no dues besides one month from one fellow worker a year ago. The dues stay here in Taiwan. 
Things could have been so different here for my activism if Lim It-Hong and the Taipei activists I met had helped out and if the referrals I was given weren’t self-absorbed flakes. Most importantly, the current secretary treasurer hasn’t helped or given advice, referrals, or encouragement to me. I haven’t tried very hard since then.
      I just wrote a response to the secretary treasurer of the IWW that I was no longer her delegate after I had confirmed I was two days ago. She wrote back about reports that I hadn’t sent; I hadn’t sent them because I had nothing to report. I renewed my delegate status in April 2014. She sent no referrals, unlike her predecessor, FW Sam, who had sent me three. 

I have no regrets but for the people I met in Taiwan who were worthless to the workers. I still consider myself a Wobbly in spirit. I won’t use the taIWWan blog ( or taIWWangmb Facebook for anything I haven’t used it before. Likewise, I will continue to copy news and comment about workers struggles in Taiwan on the taIWWan blog. On them, I will post excerpts from my published short stories Forgotten People of Taiwan, poetry (Han River Poems) and my novel in progress (It Won't Work; Life's Progressive Movement.) You are all welcome to view them and remain friends. Both the blog and Facebook page are mine; I started them and I own them; no one can take them from me even if someone wants to take them off the IWW website. I  post my resignation and this reflection. 

Solidarity Forever!  
David Barry Temple

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