Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Opinion: China angrily denounces raising of Taiwanese flag in Washington. Why?

China angrily denounces raising of Taiwanese flag in Washington



Corporate media in Taiwan reported this news a few days ago, in a proud kind of way, but my wife and I were confused. Let's remember that the China Post is the English mouthpiece of the KMT. File this under agent provocateur. The KMT, who the CCP trusts with China's interests in Taiwan, just suffered a major trouncing in every city election in late November 2014, including our city Taichung,  and the KMT President Ma's approval rating in the lowest since the KMT lifted martial law in 1987 (precipitated by a book by a KMT writer suggesting they do so) to be replaced by western-style neo-liberal two party parody of democracy since the natives were getting restless; it was the only way to continue as the ruling class without a battle. 

The mistakes the KMT made (having two candidates that split the presidential vote in 2000 allowing a Taiwan independence-supporting candidate [Chen Shui-Bian] to win  and to win again in 2004 by the slimmest of majority vote [riding on the sympathy of a mysterious assassination attempt a day before the election!]) were devastating.  The agreement that ECFA China-Taiwan economic agreement signed in June 2010 was pushed through when KMT control was strong and put things back in the Chinese-KMT court. 

 The KMT now is provoking a response from China, intentionally, by raising the Taiwan flag on their 'embassy' in Washington DC, really KMT property. Ironically, China may have even told them to provoke the reaction and let everyone know that they still want Taiwan. The bottom line is that the USA does not want to give up strategic control of Taiwan to China. The U.S. government probably weren't told the flag would be raised; they would have nipped the idea in the bud. 

The DPP party does America's bidding and the KMT party does China's bidding. The KMT is still very much in control of all utilities, media, education, etc.,  and will, by force and deception do everything to bring Taiwan to China as the DPP will do the same to keep Taiwan in America's camp. It is hard to find anyone here who wants Taiwan to be Taiwan and use both superpowers for the good of Taiwan because of the corporate propaganda. Even fewer are the Taiwanese who realize that socialism and independence are in the Taiwanese best interest. 

My opinion, the PRC is founded on socialist principles while the USA is founded on capitalistic. I'm sticking with the workers state; at least they're honest about their intentions instead of promoting phony democracy ruled by corporations. Workers in China have made far more progress in wages and living conditions than workers in Taiwan, the USA, or Taiwanese and American outsourced sweatshops.  

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