Monday, February 9, 2015

Foreign workers in Taiwan number over 550,000

Foreign workers in Taiwan number over 550,000

2015/02/08 12:30:00

Taipei, Feb. 8 (CNA) There were 552,000 foreign workers in Taiwan as of the end of 2014, accounting for 68.9 percent of the number of all foreign nationals in the country, according to Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior.

A little more than 800,000 foreign nationals were residing in Taiwan at the end of last year, with 82 percent of them coming from Southeast Asian countries, ministry statistics revealed. Some 660,000 held a resident visa, while the rest were residing in Taiwan on other kinds of visas, such as visitor visas.

The number of foreigners residing in Taiwan overall was up by 76,000 compared with the number recorded a year ago, due mainly to an increase of 68,000 foreign laborers who entered Taiwan on resident visas.

Workers from Indonesia at 41.6 percent made up the bulk of foreign residents, followed by 27.3 percent from Vietnam and 20.2 percent from the Philippines.

Most foreign nationals reside in Taoyuan City, New Taipei City and Taipei City, the same tallies showed.

Meanwhile, around 43,000 foreign spouses have yet to get Taiwanese citizenship, with 36.6 percent of them from Vietnam and 14.6 percent from Thailand.

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