Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Opinion: Bringing the War Home

     In response to those people who are mortified by the lone gunman who killed fifty innocent people in Orlando, think of Obama's drones dropping bombs on women, children, and the elderly in hospitals in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria and ask yourselves: If the gun lobby loses business in America, they will just lobby for more business (wars) overseas. 
      When America banned cigarette advertising, they opened packs to the international market. The fish stinks from the head. Violence at home may eventually make people sick of violence abroad. Make the connection clear and let Americans, and the world, see what our government is doing; killing tens of thousands of innocent people every year! even clandestinely sponsoring state terrorism like ISIS. The innocent victims of mindless violence in the U.S. are, unfortunately, a drop of blood in the bucket. Stop the wars abroad and the killing at home will stop, too. 
     Stop making mindless murder movies and video games, exporting them, and youth won't have twisted minds. Stop the Hollywood-Military-Industrial Complex. All murder is wrong, not just local community murder. 
     Stifle the desperate vengeful victims of America's wars overseas, victim with dead loved-ones who say, "It serves you right for what you've done to our people." The world knows America as a violent place. Is that how we want the world to know us? An American body is not more valuable than anyone else's. A gay body, or a Jewish body, is not any more valuable than a straight or Muslim's body. G-d bless all the survivors of mindless violence to see the light and make the government stop all wars abroad and at home. 

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