Sunday, April 2, 2017

My Opinion: The march of fascism moves backward

 The march of fascism moves backward and is easiest to accomplish because all one has to do is nothing, learn nothing, be arrogant, and join a mob; it is the opposite of socialist, compassionate, individualist respect, and a trust in fact and science. You know that capitalism is for the ignorant who believe dogs eat dogs and the ends justifies the means. In other words, Trum-poo (as he is named in Chinese) and his coattailers are a natural regression in the U.S., because one fascist imperialist culture-language coagulant beat other fascist language-culture coagulants in WW II, it never made one better than the other.

 I believe progressive causes only come true when millions of workers get out, demonstrate, fight, and sabotage. I also know when it is a lost cause, that's why I say exodus is good when there is a better place to go to. Giving up does not mean giving in. Let the U.S. rot in hell, let the brain drain begin, and let the world point all their weapons at the greatest threat to world peace and see if the cowards pull the trigger first with most of the world against them. 

My worst grief is knowing how my Jewish brothers in that Zionist proxy state of U.S./NATO imperialism sleeps with the enemy. I blame Israel's politics for the estrangement with the Muslim Middle World and the subsequent rise of antisemitism in the world; they are doing the Christian Millennialists a favor instead of leading the way through the Red Sea with our Muslim brethren. I know if you are pacifists, I cannot convince you that an eye for an eye is the right response to the antisemitic vandalism. 

Peace within yourselves for righteous folks that you are, and "until we meet again and touch our hands, together, in another land", 
love to all progressive people worldwide.

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