Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Opinion: A Letter to Obama Apologists

barack obama

This is for those who cannot “Pity the sad legacy of Barack Obama,” as Cornel West
calls it. “Our hope and change candidate fell short time and time again when Obama cheerleaders refused to make him accountable bear some responsibility.” Those are the people who will continue to do nothing to change America’s direction, nothing at all but complain as they always have. “Barack Obama's original sin: America's post-racial illusion,"Cornel West called it. This blog piece is addressed to you:

You already are well familiar with how Dr. West feels about Obama. I know you are Obama fans, don't I, so you're prejudiced. You have heard all the arguments before. You have heard the claim that nobody had dropped more bombs than Obama and you feel that is pretty ludicrous, if you take FDR and Harry Truman, in a class of their own. 

No, you don’t want to squabble over things like this, when you figure “our entire society” has gotten way better as a whole, when it comes to war fatalities. War deaths worldwide have decreased, you think, to a minuscule level compared to 70 years ago.

The newest New York Times research shows 60,000 deaths in 2016 in the U.S. for persons under 50 year-old was due to drug overdoses, in epidemic proportions, from the hopelessness and disappointment in the believers of Obama’s promises.

Obama’s seven illegal invasions of other sovereign nations resulted in the biggest Diaspora from Middle World emigrating to a Europe in WASP privilege mode. Because of the wars Obama supported, instead of ended, and his lack of peaceful leadership, the U.S. people got the wishy-washy leadership of a politician, betraying the working class by supporting Clinton’s neo-liberalism, shunning Sanders; a move that lead to Trump’s presidency.

I know you know you are going to have a different interpretation of it all than I do, don't I, and you are satisfied that it is a difference of opinion; you ask who is right? You say you feel how you do and I feel how I do.That is fair in a way, because colleagues benefit from union organizing and scabs don't. 

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