Saturday, December 23, 2017

In Taiwan, Capitalism is Not Funny


People in Taiwan are surprised how easily politicians and business people are made fun of in American media; it rarely happens here. Baby Bush joked about  the size of a shoe thrown at him; size 10. Ha-ha! Trump is a hilarious fool on late night TV talk shows. Wow! What a funny place.
     What people in Taiwan and America don't understand is that making comedy of serious subjects is what acclimates Americans to accept any misconduct with a grain of salt; it made it possible for a foul-mouthed empty-headed bigot like Donald Trump to become president or for a self-absorbed neo-liberal militarist like Hilary Clinton to almost win.
      It is time to stop neutralizing every serious offense sell-able in media, though closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Laugh at politicians and we're all jackasses; Hee-haw!!! 
     This is funny: A friend in the States shared a post on Facebook from an ex-pat CIA wannabes' blog in Taiwan. It was about how workers are getting screwed by the new DPP labor law; like he cares. These ex-pats are not reputable on labor issues; they have removed from their Facebook group posts I wrote supporting workers rights, but ever since one was called "Taiwan's Shock Jock" by the DPP supporting Taipei Times newspaper,  he has turned against them. I asked him once to join me in starting an IWW branch here; he wasn't interested; those were his true colors
   China and Taiwan must be kept apart, say the capitalist media; that isn't funny. They mock China for allowing capitalism to flourish and create a bourgeois class. Ha-ha! How funny! The story of the backtracking of socialist states like China is due to the infantile nature of Capitalism to joke about serious drawbacks in its system pandering to greed. Only when the remnants of socialist governments learns to be funny to win at the capitalist’s game will they stop further erosion of their revolutionary advances; orthodox socialism is not funny. China is slowly coming back into its socialist foundation; abet a two-tier task, funny and serious. America was built on greed of capitalism; anything goes, but modern China was built on cooperative socialism that has had to learn to assimilate humor, abet not of politicians. China is returning  to socialism with a funny sidekick, but not now; not while capitalism  is still  temptingly funny.
     Recent Taiwanese legislative motion to remove all tributes to Chiang Kai-shek, the former Kuomintang leader and dictator, was posted and applauded by one Taiwan CIA wannabe. It is funny to remove them. Ha-ha; join the frenzy. But like removing statues of Confederate leaders in America, it is a lost opportunity to teach the youth about past tyranny. In fact, The State Department was alarmed and sent an AIT  envoy to voice disapproval; they didn't want the DPP  distancing itself from America's darling of "Free China". It would bring Taiwan closer to a PRC that also despises the fascist dictator who fought against communism instead of Japanese imperialists. This is not a laughing matter.
       Barking up the wrong tree was China with the KMT before realizing President Ma Ying-Jyou was a liability. They've since backed off. All China really wants is the last vestige of colonialism off their cultural geography.
       Capitalism is not funny, especially when referendum laws are being changed that could backfire on the DPP when the Taiwanese realize they've always been independent from China; that it is America that oppresses them and keeps them from being an independent nation or joining their cultural brethren in China.
     Yes, I am upset that there is not one other person in Taiwan, local or ex-pat, that sees the solution for low wages and exploitation as organizing unions and showing solidarity. The ex-pat CIA wannabes and excuse-mongers here point out how I could get deported for participating in such organizing and refuse to join with me; singly none. I am reduced to writing shaming articles, like this one, or being cynical to Facebook netizens offering solutions that are obsolete; a political party changes nothing, I tell them. A capitalist government has never protected workers rights’ and a socialist government can’t do as much as they should because the wolf is at the door. 

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