Monday, December 2, 2013

Poetry: In Taiwan I'm Uncle Tom

in Taiwan i'm Uncle Tom

and what I preach is true

i've got a hunch you're just a bunch of

"don't tell me what to do."

i've seen them linger, wag their fingers

at mercenaries greed

marching here, trashing there

they won't get what they need

they need a job or it will rob them

of their precious lives to

love themselves and find their mates

and children's sweetest spice

suffer Moses, can't you see

the heretics are mocking thee

though you've a path and hold a staff

your leadership won't set them free

i retreat to being happy

with my lover and my home

but there's a higher love above

that won't leave me alone

the peddle-footed sewing Singer

the miracle of light

as slaves went through the Pharoah's ringer

to bring us here tonight

your wild-eyed appreciation

your activism cause

will burn you like ghost money

but harmless to your boss

hear me not, young anarchists

your work place organize

don't waste your feet on restless streets

when with the union you can thrive


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