Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Opinion: U.S. Involvement Is Ignored in Taiwan's Old and New Curriculum (Pt. 3)

     None of these facts about the U.S. complicity in the Taiwan dictatorship or anti-worker neo-liberal reforms were mentioned in the Taipei Times editorial by Noah Buchan in complaining that the KMT was underhandedly changing the textbook content. He said the Taiwanese are " ...members of a nation that does not include China, Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Japan, the U.S. or any other place" neglecting to mention once U.S. presence in Taiwan, overt and covert, since 1945.  The five hundred pound gorilla in the anti-curriculum-change movement was ignored.
     The KMT is still in control of legislative policy in Taiwan. Their minister can implement changes to the curriculum in public schools the way the U.S. the Department of Education sets national curriculum guidelines and content. When the DPP had presidential power, the curriculum was modified to represent more Taiwanese local history. That's the way it goes with Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Which is right?  
College Board Caves To Conservative Pressure, Changes
 AP U.S.History Curriculum.
Some of the main criticisms of the guidelines,
conservatives voiced, were less emphasis on the founding 
fathers and more emphasis on slavery
       Some historical facts are taboo even to both parties in a neo-liberal state; that is why books like Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States, Chris Harman's People's History of the World,  and the Censored series by Peter Phillips and Project Censored   are essential outside reading for                                                                              students in the U.S. 
     Taiwan students need "outside reading" such as these to learn the truth about their homeland. 
     While the U.S., in detente with The People's Republic of China, agrees that there is one China and Taiwan is a part of it,  the devil is in the details and neo-liberal policies like anti-unionism, corporate commercialism, and the outsourcing of sweatshops continues unabated.  It continues with Taiwan as a major oppressor of workers' rights.
      Nothing about the U.S. complicity in the dictatorial oppression and anti-worker neo-liberal reforms of Taiwan  are mentioned in the Taipei Times editorial written by Noah Buchan in the Taipei Times (July 25) He complained that the KMT was underhandedly changing the textbook content to favor themselves and China but ignored another super power. He said the Taiwanese are " ...members of a nation that does not include China, Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Japan, the U.S. or any other place" neglecting to mention once U.S. presence in Taiwan, overt and covert, since 1945.  
     In his book Formosa BetrayedGeorge Kerr (a civilian "Formosa Specialist," lieutenant, and Assistant Naval Attache in the War Department) gives full detail of the onslaught and oppression by the KMT to citizens of Taiwan, with the U.S. government in full knowledge.

Non -debatable items in Taiwan history neglected in the old and new version of the curriculum guidelines

Non-debatable item #1 -  The United States government ignored reports of massacres of Taiwanese intellectuals by Chinese soldiers in 1947; the 228 Massacre. 

Non-debatable item # 2 - The United States supported the KMT imposition of martial law which lasted 38 years, a world record. 

Non-debatable item #3  - The Sinification of Taiwan was facilitated with political socialization in public schools and the media the same way the U.S. institutionalized English in Puerto Rico in 1898. Native dialects and languages were prohibited. 

Non-debatable item #4 - The "White Terror" against Taiwanese by the KMT dictatorship was justified by the U.S. government that continually voted on assisting or loaning the KMT billions of dollars.

Non-debatable item # 5 - The U.S. stationed up to 60,000 troops in Taiwan from the end of WW II until April 26, 1979 citing the U.S.-Taiwan Mutual Defense Pact of 1954. 

Non-debatable item #6 - The U.S. government and media has referred to Taiwan, a dictatorship, as "Free China." 

Non-debatable item #7  1980, the Cold War alliance treaty between the U.S. and Taiwan was terminated and replaced with the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), which authorizes the U.S. to provide Taiwan 
witharms of a defensive character.

Non-debatable item #8 -  Economic Ties – The U.S. had been Taiwan’s largest trading partner until 2003.

·Non-debatable item #9 Bilateral Relations – Taiwan has loyally supported U.S. international policy initiatives, faithfully reciprocating U.S. support. 

Why has the U.S. complicity in Taiwan's oppression been ignored while  Noah Buchan dumps blame on China and the KMT alone?  

to be continued...

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