Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Lie that is "Taiwan News in English" Facebook

 It is no fun at all being censored by a site pretending to be an open forum for news and views about Taiwan, but that is reflected in my article about U.S. complicity in Taiwan being whitewashed . Commentators should be advised and aware not to post news in Taiwan News in English; the Facebook page should be boycotted as obsolete.
Yesterday I posted the third part of my four-part opinion about the anti-curriculum change controversy onto "Taiwan News in English"

 I wrote the article over a week ago but hesitated to post it to the 6,000+ Facebook page. I posted it to inform the Taiwan English reading public, not to convince any of those who frequent the site. I post in Taiwan English News sparingly.
A few moments ago, I looked at the Facebook site and noticed my post of part 3 has been removed from "Taiwan News in English" Facebook page. Luckily, my Aug. 10 post of part two of the article (with a reference to part one) is still there. I posted part 3 again.
There were three readers who "liked" the article I wrote in one hour before the "Taiwan English News" Facebook page administrators removed it. 

The site is not for the truth about Taiwan. 
 It took eight minutes for the Facebook page administrators to pin a copy of a weather report to the top post over my post. However, There were an additional two readers who liked  the  deleted post. In One hour fifteen minutes, there had been seventeen views.
The article I wrote was censored a second time. I will not bother to post it again. 
Readers can find authentic articles about neo-liberalism in Taiwan here at taIWWan.

David Temple

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