Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Opinion: Its Fascist Head Rears Itself

     I am dumbfounded to make comments on Facebook posts for all the apprehensive statements and analysis predicting the Trump administration regressions on civil rights and the environment. For all the U.S. niceties of inclusion into the “white-man's burden” of manifest destiny and world domination, its fascist head rears itself through the mist. 
     I agree with Chomsky who says capitalism is a dying cornered animal in a colorful world majority which is not WASP - White-Angelo-Saxon-Protestant. With all the denominations of Christianity, some of them actually beneficial to mankind, you shouldn’t condemn the Jesus-factor from history altogether, any more than you would condemn all of Islam or Buddhism, but the notion that being white European and believing in some interpretation of his teachings doesn't give you special privilege and isn't better - is in fact worse for humanity - than other creeds, cultures, languages, religions, and skin tones. 
     But make no mistake about it, with its proxy Zionists holding down their fort in the Middle East, and its lackey Taiwan, South Korean and Japanese bootlickers in Asia, they would rather destroy the world than share it; scorched-earth is their MO in lands they've depleted the resources from or can't get access to.  The world may have to turn all its weapons on the U.S. and NATO in defense, if push comes to shove, for it would be better for humanity to eliminate the virus than the 99% of the world's poor that are infected with its consumptive disease.
     For you fear-mongers who think Trump will be the worst thing Americans ever had to deal with, tell me it will be worse than the Haymarkert Massacre of 1886, the slave trade, Jim Crow laws, anti-Chinese legislation, sweatshops, destruction of the IWW with Palmer Raids, the massacre of Native Americans, the stock market crash of 1929, 2008, white terror of 911, six trillion dollar bailout of U.S. banks (half by Bush II Half by Obama) using American tax dollars, 60% of our taxes used to fund wars,McCarthy Witch Hunts... Go on, tell me...., then tell me how you will organize with your grassroots to stop the U.S. tyranny on its own people and the world, once and for all.
      I have to agree with Mumia Abu Jamal about Trump fascism stopping Clintonian neoliberalism, a plague that makes all multinational corporations omnipotent and all workers slave laborers: "So be it."

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