Friday, November 11, 2016

My Opinion: Trump Elected President

Some people say Trump's win will be harmful to the environment and embolden the myriad haters and racists all across America. I say "An eye for an eye" will do the trick. Direct defensive action gets satisfaction. Unless the FBI/CIA wants Trump to start a civil war, they better tell him to shut up because the people united can never be defeated. The fascists will lose that war, too. 

Some say the grave peril is from climate change, like Obama did anything good and Clinton would do anything to stop it. That is capitalism's fault and the threat to socialist nations that caused them to update their military/industrial base fast to protect their people from imperialist incursion and genocide all over the world.

There was a movement that Sanders tried to parachute jump into leading. He will be a distraction for people who want collective decision making; not top-down advice. Join the IWW, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, even clean up your local vacant lot to make a garden, but Sanders is a Democrat, a politician, and should be ignored. He will lead everyone astray again.The Democrats needed to be more bold and instead went for laizez faire sabotaging Sanders and people like you and me.

WW III was averted by not letting Clinton win. She was the loose canon, more than bug-mouth Trump. The "not-working" class felt it in their empty gut. But socialism is the answer, not anti-union Trump. Sanders is still the coward in all this. Ignore his Democratic Party rhetoric. Grass-root activism is the answer.

"If Trump is the price we have to pay to defeat Clintonian neoliberalism – so be it." — Mumia Abu-Jama

The only thing Obama and the Democratic Committee can do to own up to sabotaging Bernie Sanders is to pardon Edward Snowden before Trump comes in.

I quote from An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States:

"It's not that Andrew Jackson had a 'dark side,' as his apologists rationalize and which all human beings have,but rather that Jackson 'was' the Dark Knight in the formation of the United States as a colonialist, imperialist democracy, a dynamic formation that constitutes the core of U.S. patriotism. The most revered presidents -including Clinton and Obama - have each advanced populist imperialism while gradually increasing inclusion of other groups beyond the core of descendants of old settlers in the ruling mythology," until Trump. - R. Dunbar-Ortiz

Americans made the most progress for human rights during the Nixon era; he was worse than Trump; stupid like him but plotting like Clinton.Joining a grassroots organization is good, you can go with them on marches.Joining a grassroots organization is good, you can go with them on marches.

My Mandarin teacher was very interested in the U.S. election result. She didn't know that the infrastructure has fallen apart, transportation is backward, full-time jobs with benefits is scarce, poverty is 60%, schools and prisons are for profit.

Stock market were all green in Taiwan the day after the election; BTW green means down, red (which is lucky) means up.Guess the sweatshop outsourcers are shitting in their boots about losing their profit margin if their exports to the U.S. are taxed as Trump threatened.Heaven forbid the U&.S. military 175 countries (and ISIS) get underfunded and the U.S. infrastructure get funded, not that U.S. workers will benefit as all as Trump is as anti-union as Clinton. Only a socialist revolution will help the U.S. workers, and we saw how the Democratic Committee sabotaged Sanders on that.

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