Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Facebook Wasteland in Taiwan and Beyond

「Facebook funny logos」的圖片搜尋結果
      I rarely write any political or proletarian commentary these days; perhaps once a month in taIWWan blog, posted on Facebook. I even stopped updating taIWWan news about Taiwan workers' conditions since, with an average of twenty viewers, it isn't worth the effort. I am even censored by a few Taiwan news in English Facebook groups that don't like my point-of-view. I don’t comment on the news in Taiwan English newspapers, contribute to  English supreme "Chinglish" postings from those whose Chinese is just as laughable,  or buy from ex-pat entrepreneur carpetbaggers, or respond to CIA wannabe blogs. I’m not going to fuel anyone’s ambition or burst anyone’s bubble. I exposed my political views in my novels, education blog, and travel and restaurant reviews, but I couldn’t resist trolling some crap I read supporting U.S. voting to sell Taiwan more advanced weapons but chiding China’s displeasure. “Protect Taiwan from the U.S.” I commented. 
      In Taiwan there’s another issue; beyond the corruption inherent in Chinese society. The U.S. CIA is here to stifle any eye-opening to the fact that the future of Taiwan is in Taiwanese own hands. China is between a rock and a hard place reluctantly supporting their class enemy, the KMT, the only party partial to unification. What else can the PRC do that won’t throw the people of Taiwan into the chaos of war with the U.S.? Something has got to give one day, but not today. 
     “General Strike. Boycott. Stop buying non essential goods,” was another Facebook message I was going to write but erased, “First understand 911 was an inside job; the rest is easy,” was another. I personally practice what I preach, all but the $2300 in federal taxes the U.S. takes from me, against my will, every year. I keep my citizenship and am eligible to the Social Security benefits I earned.      But on Facebook, there is nothing I can say and no one who would listen who doesn’t already know the truth, so why bother telling anyone. I see the videos and read news on Facebook from non-corporate sources; protesters being stopped from protesting, abused by police in Hamburg at the G20 Summit of capitalist oppressors. Perhaps the violent frustration should be saved for the police at their homes; it is impossible to beat them head on. Only vigilante action is useful; guerrilla warfare. Words are nothing as they are twisted by the corporate media anyway. Go underground. Only organizing clandestinely is useful; it always has been that way in a futile state, call it “futilism- the state where nothing could stop oppression.” Only protracted underground resistance could be helpful in bringing social service and a living wage to oppressed people.
I commented on a meme that came up on my Facebook timeline recently. It said, “Let’s spend more than half of our taxes to drone bomb kids, kill millions of civilians in the Middle World, increase domestic surveillance, and send our troops to die so a few weapons contractors and oil executives can profit, but if someone suggests that we should use our money to fund education or health care, it’s socialism and we’re all lazy moochers who just want things for free.”
I wrote, “Boycott American made products” but when a former student in my Bread & Roses Social Action Club at FDR high school responded, “”Everything I buy is from China,” I admitted that I had forgotten I was writing my comment to Americans such as him, too. I corrected myself: “Well you know what to do then, don’t you?” He wrote that he recalled it was something I had said in the Bread & Roses Club. “It was during the time we brought up buying those t-shirts, but I don’t remember.”
I joked that I was waiting for a correct answer or his membership in the club may be revoked.
“I guess it was ‘hand-make your own product,’ I think.”
“Buy Union-made, dude! LOL”, I answered, snickering more than laughing.
“Close enough for me,” he said.
“You’re fired!” I shouted.
“Now you sound like Donald Trump,” he responded without realizing that is exactly what I was trying to do. That’s America for you; so dumbed down even the minuscule number of students I agitated and educated don’t remember what for.
     Now that the G20 Summit is over, capitalist ruling class talking heads can shoot the messenger for bringing the message, they can ignore the writing on the wall, they can criticize the desperate action of people who love the earth and our people and continue to be bulls in china shops blaming the plates for crashing at their party.
     The time travelers in my third novel still haven’t met kachina in Key West. The end of the novel is in sight; maybe another one hundred pages. After they meet and travel to Cuba to meet the conquistador that brought the Moor to the New World, the kachina’s doppelganger reunites with himself to subvert the conquest as Leon, Earl Peg, and Gail’s descendants go further back, thirty-five year to 1492 to Columbus, agitate a mutiny against him, somehow remove the Canary Islands as a watering station across the Atlantic so as to delay European exploitation and annihilation of indigenous Americans. I’m not sure how that will go but that will be a book ender. The next book would start with ending European exploitation of Africa, the Crusades, the Hordes, and the fuck-offs that used Jesus' words for their own purposes.  

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