Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Opinion: This Has Nothing to Do With Trump

I got an e-mail from a friend in the U.S. which simply said, “We are nervously awaiting the inauguration.” I replied:
You sound like there will be a coup after he speaks. I was at the inauguration of George W. Bush, both times.  We rioted in the streets. I hung out with the Black Block anarchists who turned newspaper boxes and trash cans over, threw a few through Starbucks windows, used others to block the roads where police cars were chasing us. There weren't enough of us. Most demonstrators lined the parade route and shouted at them as they drove by. Some threw eggs. The bastard got cozy in the spring, vowing revenge for his Daddy's loses in Iraq, took the summer off, and was sincerely surprised when the WTC buildings were leveled. 
That was the end for me; I knew I had to double up my activism. I became more and more involved with the IWW believing that through a grass-root unionizing of all workplaces, the peaceful revolution from corporate domination could be done. I still think that way, but most Americans sat on their asses; most of my colleagues just covered theirs as union benefits kept being fretted away. I ran for chapter leader and was obstructed by the clique of egotist liberals; they were my truest enemy because most people believed their gentile natures would guide us through. I knew they were obstructionists for something urgent that had to be forcefully attended to immediately; the Pacifica radio station,WBAI, had a coup and the political programming was re-routed. That was 2001. 
Where was Bernie Sanders in 2004? How could Americans be fooled into Obama? Thinking he was different because his skin wasn't white?  Like a woman president would be different because she wasn't a man? The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same rusty coin. I see no hope for America as it continues its corporate fascism; I don't fear Trump; he doesn't make me nervous. He is a natural extension of corporate WASP U.S. imperialism, a filthy beacon to fascists all over the WASP world, from Kosovo to Ukraine, Germany to England. 
Any enemy of the U.S. is a friend of mine; any country that will react to any more U.S encroachment on their territory and cultures. The darkest spot is right under the lighthouse; most ignorant Americans are fooled, and the intelligent Democratic Liberals are politely fooled. This has been a long time coming. Either join the underground or exodus and help "the enemy" of the U.S. defend itself. 
      My point was it has nothing to do with Trump; the same thing would be happening if Clinton was chosen. The president is just a figurehead for deeper CIA/FBI policy of a secret agenda that is not so secret at all; starve off any chance of democracy because the people will benefit from democracy and the corporate state will suffer from it. 

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