Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Opinion: The Women March for Bread & Roses, too.

     Millions of Americans, including my three daughters, turned out in dozens of cities for the Women’s March yesterday, much more than the people who attended the inauguration. The Black Block was out showing what must become routine; the trashing of corporate U.S. institutions. 
I commented:If these marches against Trump only result in the next president being a Democrat, they're a waste of time. Only a socialist president can turn things around domestically, improve common people's lives, and stop U.S. imperialist policy in the world.” The bottom line is that if Hilary Clinton was elected, the crowds would not have been so toxic to U.S. policy, a policy that doesn’t change no matter who is manipulated into its presidency.
Trump is the real face of racist, misogynist, capitalist U.S. with its corporate controlled media; Americans better face it. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Charter schools and the looting of public funds for private investors is a Democrat undertaking. Outsourcing sweatshops overseas, polluting the world, and dismantling union power are nonpartisan, too. Threatening the world with Christian millennialism manifest destiny will have to be stopped; it won’t stop of its own volition. It will not stop until the anarcho-syndicalist socialist revolution in the U.S. and the world eradicates its tendency.
Let the CIA, FBI, Senate, Congress, and Supreme Court assist Trump to bring out the storm-troopers and SWAT teams to force the showdown. The revolution cannot be done peacefully. U.S./NATO imperialism is ruthless; it knows no peace. It must be fought back. Every one of the million marchers must become a Black Blocker for direct action; there is no other way to stop the violence of the ruling class.

      Here is what I wrote back to a friend who joined the Women’s March in New York:
Love that you went marching, too. While all I do for the movement now is donate funds, write blogs, and share Facebook posts, you are on the front line with my three daughters, two in Pittsburgh and one in a Portland march.  If it took a Trump to awaken the masses to the peril that every administration has imposed on the common people, immigrants, natives, slaves, and women, let the CIA/FBI and its corporate ruling class know that "the people" won't go down without a fight. 

      I copied it, along with the words and music to Bread & Roses, to my curmudgeon cousin  in response to his silly wondering what for did they march. He would complain if they organized, too. I hope Trump goats the ruling class to make many false moves that agitate the people; better than a suave Obama or Clinton that put everyone to sleep while they dismantled democracy and started wars. Until the deaths of the ruling class outnumber those that their bombs and guns have killed, the people’s war must not end.

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