Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Opinion: Trump's Good News Week

"They are trying to set a tone to chill further demos of this nature, and I don't think it's going to work." This is my favorite line from an article I read about arrests after the Trump Inaugural. I unsubscribed to Truth-out a few years ago and joined Reader Supported News RSN, the break-away faction of the service. In media controlled U.S., contributing to fear is the most common way to instill it, not that this didn't happen but the author admits the mass arrests are nothing new. I was "kettled" with a few thousand in RFK stadium at the first Moratorium Day in 1970, scary for a sixteen year old, but we partied all night and the pigs released us, without charges, in the morning. As FDR said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

      My only news is chosen Facebook pages and a few seconds of international news on Taiwan TV. I hardly even read the Taipei Times (and can't get the China Post) except for articles on labor. Remember that one of the last actions of Obama was to sign the "Ministry of Information" Act, and refuse to pardon Edward Snowden, a whistleblower. The "coup" was complete when Bush beat Gore; this is only hammering in a few loose nails. Correct reaction to it has always been the same: non-complicity, boycott, general strike, but who was organizing it and who was listening. As the frog boiled slowly, unaware of it being killed, so did Capitalism learn how to neutralize the opposition? The only thing to do now is the same as it always has been, to work in the community where you live assisting less fortunate folk and helping workers to organize unions.

This is an opportunity the progressive movement hasn't had since Nixon’s involvement in Vietnam made it obvious. So long as millions of people continue going out in the streets, over-stuffing the prison system and bogging it down, organizing in their communities when they get home, this gift from the fascist hell of capitalism will be doomed because the people, united, can never be defeated. 

The typical liberal American refuses to realize what s/he hasn’t done that deserves this. It would destroy one’s whole worldview, that things suck for one, personally and for Americans in general because one and all are too selfish and self absorbed to reach out and get involved with community organizing, too lazy to pick up a picket sign or start a workers’ union. Instead the divide and conquer tactics of the state prevail. Look at liberal Americans; arguing about what we need to make the future better; complaining that socialists are living in the past. Perhaps one realize it is too late for one to do anything meaningful to help one’s neighbors or, worse still, choosing to live in a neighborhood with people who don’t warrant help; the toothless wonders opposed to universal health care. How pathetic one is living amongst people one doesn’t like, or perhaps it is one’s lead balloon that keeps one down and gives one a chance to complain and make excuses about one’s lack of progressive life. One can't change one’s past but one can change one’s future. One can start

Is Trump’s Mexican wall to not let people in or to keep Americans from getting out? Why people from these countries would want to go to the US or NATO countries beat me; it's cold, uncaring, racist, and boring.  I like the old Wobbly joke about what the worker says when his boss angrily threatens to throw him out the window: “Before you can throw me out the window, I'm walking out the door." 

To pollute at will is the goal; to insure continued U.S. global dominance and coercion, but progressives know already have the data; they will pass it down. Meanwhile there is no reason to save the world if the slave master is going to be the U.S. Help the rest of the world cope and live well with your family in another land until further notice.

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